Vision and Values Coaching


This is the preeminent coaching program for those that are looking to progress in their career in fixed operations. 

10 week program that will prepare you to develop and lead high performing teams! 


This is transformational coaching! 

I have built this program around the framework I have used to personally turn around failing dealerships. Anyone can teach you the numbers, show you how to raise ELR or improve RO count. I fix what is actually going wrong that causes those numbers to fail.

I show you how to truly transform an organization into a high performing team that will do only one thing: WIN!

Am I qualified to make these claims? I started in fixed operations in 1987 as a technician. I rose through the ranks holding positions from technician, dispatcher, service manager, lane manager, service director all the way up to fixed ops director of multi-store groups. I have lead hundreds of team members to great success! 


Membership includes access to the digital library, mentorship opportunities, access to the private community, access to all live meetings, community engagement, sponsorship discounts, and more. 

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Known as the preeminent program for those that want to create and lead high performing teams. 

This is a proven model that takes a dealership to the place where employees want to work and clients want to take their vehicle. 

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Fixed Ops Mastermind & Vision and Values Coaching

My name is Dave Foy I started in fixed operations in 1987 as a technician. For over 30 years I have been a student of the business. 

I started the Fixed Ops Mastermind Leaders group to provide a place for other professionals to come together and expand their knowledge, share ideas, network and improve the industry.

I take struggling dealerships and turn them into the place to work for employees and the only place a client wants to bring their vehicle. 

I have turned my model into the Vision and Values Coaching program. Through a specific process I teach others how to accelerate their careers, improve their lives and their finances. 

I look forward to seeing inside the Fixed Ops mastermind! 


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